Volunteer Emergency Responders

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Lucas Fire-Rescue REHAB

REHAB is a volunteer group that support Lucas Fire-Rescue during emergency, training, public service events as well as community supported activities. It is composed of 17 members who respond day or night with equipment and supplies to provide rehabilitation services to the first responders. They are trained in basic fire operations and establish a REHAB area on scene to provide emergency lighting, shelter, cooling chairs, wet towels, water, electrolytes, energy snacks, etc. REHAB also participates in events such as Founders Day, National Night Out, and Country Christmas. Members of Lucas Fire-Rescue REHAB meet once a month for training and development to ensure they respond effectively if dispatched to an emergency. If you are interested in becoming a part of Lucas Fire-Rescue REHAB you may contact the REHAB Coordinator, Gary Johnson at gjohnson@lucastexas.us.

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