Roadway, Water, and Construction Projects


W. LUCAS ROAD WIDENING -- In Construction

Reynolds Asphalt Construction was awarded the contract for the amount of $1,1394,677 June 2017.  Construction is scheduled to begin the week of July 10.  The project has two components:  1) reconstruction of the shoulders and overlay and 2) base repair work.  Each component is funded differently.  The Regional Toll Revenue, Collin County bonds, and Lucas impact fees fund the reconstruction and overlay, and the base repair work is funded from the General Fund roadway repair line item.  The project is 4,150 linear feet with two 11-foot main lanes, a 13-foot continuous left turn lane, and two 2-foot shoulders.

During the month July, the contractor plans to focus on the eastbound side (the south side of the pavement) from Angel Parkway to Middleton Drive.  Construction signage will be installed and southern edge of the pavement/shoulder will be removed.  The roadway base will be placed followed by new asphalt pavement the last week of July.  Two-way traffic operation is anticipated for this area except for a few stretches where the main eastbound travel lane is in need of base repair.  In August, the construction area will be between Middleton Drive and County Club Road.  All of the work should be completed by Thanksgiving.

Parker Road 12-Inch Waterline Phase 1-Section 1 -- In Construction

The City of Lucas is planning to install a new waterline serving your area from Stinson Road to Enchanted Way.  The new 12-inch waterline will replace the existing two-, four-, and six-inch waterlines supplying water to the homes on the south side of Shiloh Drive, the north side of Parker Road, and three homes on Toole Drive.  There is a 15-foot utility easement between the homes on Shiloh Drive and Parker Road where most of the work will be taking place.  The rest of the work will be taking place within the city and state rights-of-ways along Toole Drive and Parker Road.  The new waterline will improve the water pressure, volume, and quality in your area.  Another benefit of the new waterline includes enhanced fire protection, as new fire hydrants will be placed on Toole Drive and Parker Road.  BSK USA, LLC is assisting the City with the construction of the waterline.  Construction will begin after July 24, 2017.  The schedule has not be set yet, but the project should take four to five months to complete. Bid Set Plans

BW2 Engineers has issued a notice to proceed to the BSK USA, LLC on behalf of the city.  BSK plans to start the week of July 24, 2017.  Staff will be sending a letter to the homeowners letting them know about the change from July 10 to July 24 and asking them to sign up for email notifications.



Staff has been meeting with homeowners to discuss the project and roadway easements.  If all goes as planned, the construction should start September or October and last for six to seven months.  Impacts to traffic flow should last three to four months. 

Birkhoff has submitted 90% plans to the city for review, and staff is working with neighboring property owners to obtain roadway easements.

In the February 18, 2016, Lucas City Council meeting, City Manager Joni Clarke was directed to enter into a $139,400 design contract with Birkhoff, Hendricks & Carter, LLP for the design of the reverse curve portion of Winningkoff Road between north of Christian Lane to north of Forestview Drive. The reverse curve will be designed with consideration given to making the Winningkoff Road/Forestview Drive intersection a T-intersection with a three-way stop sign control. The typical width of the concrete roadway is 24 feet, but the width of the curves will be such to allow room for a school bus and a passenger car to pass each other. A proposed timeline for the Winningkoff Road Reverse Curve Project is as follows:

July 2017 – 100% Bid Set Finished.

July 2017 – Advertise Bid

July  2017 – Pre-Bid Meeting

August 2017 – Receive Bids

August 2017 – City Council Award

September 2017 – Notice to Proceed

September 2017 through March 2018 – Construction

August 9, 2016, Town Hall Meeting Exhibits

1) Easements 2) Plan With Aerial 3) Plan Without Aerial


Street Map


The Parker Road Waterline Project is needed to improve infrastructure and to accommodate the TxDOT Parker Road widening, which is causing City of Lucas to abandon an existing six-inch waterline along Parker Road.  The Parker Road Waterline Project has several phases as detailed in the map below.

Parker Road Water Project Map

Parker Road 8-Inch Waterline Phase 2 -- In Design

This project is from Shepherds Creek Drive to Santa Fe Trail, and it replaces some of the thin-walled, six-inch waterline starting at Shepherds Creek Drive, south along Lewis Lane, east through Kirkland Estates West subdivision, east along Indian trail, and south along Santa Fe Trail.  BW2 Engineers were engaged in January 2017 in the amount of $33,500 and have started design work.  The estimated cost (Construction & Contingency) is $348,000.  The alignment has not been set yet for this waterline.

Parker Road Waterline Phase 3T -- In Design

This project extends from Santa Fe Trail where Phase 2 ends to Stinson Road.  BW2 Engineers is designing this line for a fee of $10,800.  The four-inch waterline will provide temporary, minimal service to three residential properties.  The estimated cost (Construction & Contingency) is $159,503.  Phase 3T will be remove and replace when and if these properties are subdivided.  When subdivided, the property owner will be responsible for replacing the four-inch waterline with at least an eight-inch waterline.  The city may choose to fund up-sizing to a 12 inch line.

North Pump Station Water Tower -- In Design

By adding a 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank at the North Pump Station (915 Country Club Road, a few blocks north of city hall), the lower pressure plane will be elimination.  This will increase the manageability of the water system and increase water storage capacity.  The in-line pressure regulating values will be necessary to maintain 60 to 80 pounds of pressure throughout the city waterworks.  The estimated cost (Design, Construction & Contingency) is $2,190,844.  This project will also include a new five-pump station and a secondary fill waterline from Wiltshire Court.  The primary fill waterline is a 42-inch NTMWD waterline on the east side of Country Club Road.  The secondary fill waterline will allow the new water tower to be filled by using pressure from the McGarity water tower.  The primary fill waterline for the McGarity water tower is an 84-inch NTMWD waterline on the east side of Angel Parkway.   BW2 Engineers was retained for this design work.


BLONDY JHUNE ROAD - Middle and Eastern Sections

This project extends from the west bridge to Winningkoff Road and is estimated to cost $2,700,000.   The purpose of the project is to reconstruct the roadway.  The roadway will remain two lanes wide.  Staff will be bringing various elements before the City Council to discuss:  1) how to preserve the tree canopy, 2) how to lessen maintenance requirements, 3) how to improve safety, etc.


The goal of this project is to add a northbound to westbound left turn land as well as an eastbound to southbound free right turn lane.  The estimated cost is $350,000.

STINSON ROAD - Southern Section

The estimated cost is $2,267,000 for the section of Stinson Road from Parker Road to Bristol Park.


Design is under way for this $453,000 project.  The letting schedule as not been determined yet.


This project extends from the Reverse Curve Project to Snider Lane.  the estimated cost is $1,400,000.  The purpose of the project is to reconstruct the roadway.  The roadway will remain two lanes wide.  Staff will be bringing various elements before the City Council to discuss:  1) how to preserve the tree canopy, 2) how to lessen maintenance requirements, 3) how to improve safety, etc.


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