Public Hearing Set for Water and Wastewater Rates

Posted on November 18, 2022

City Council approved a water and wastewater rate study on November 17, 2022. The City contracted with Capex Consulting Group to complete an updated water and wastewater rate study for  Fiscal Year 2021-2022 and for a forecast period of five years. The purpose of this study is to implement a rate plan that will enable the water fund to meet operating and capital expenditure requirements for a five-year period beginning in Fiscal Year 2023-2027.

A public hearing for adjusting the water and wastewater rates will be held on January 19, 2023, at 6:30 pm at Lucas City Hall, 665 Country Club Road, Lucas TX 75002. Citizens are encouraged to attend the meeting, ask questions, and give their input regarding the rate changes.

To view the Water and Wastewater Rate Study presentation, click here.

To view the Proposed Water Rate Tables, click here.

To view the Proposed Wastewater Rate Table, click here.

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