Development Services


Joe Hilbourn
Development Services Director

665 Country Club Road
Lucas, Texas 75002-7651

The mission of the Development Services Department is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the general public by enforcing building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical code regulations within the city. To facilitate this responsibility, we provide a full range of plan review and construction inspection services to support enforcement of the international codes. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Conduct inspections for all permits issued upon client request
  • Enforce code compliance to ensure public safety
  • Manage and maintain records for all permits issued within the city
  • Process permits and review plans for all remodeling and new construction
  • Respond to citizen complaints regarding non-permitted structures and work
  • Share information on construction procedures and code requirements

Get more information on Building and Construction Permits.

View and Download City of Lucas Comprehensive Plan - Adopted 2023.

Click here to view the ADA Reasonable Accommodations Policy for the City of Lucas.

Click here to view or print the Application for ADA Reasonable Accommodations.


Click here to view the current watering schedules.

Yes, new construction requires a permit.

For more information please visit the Get a Permit page.

The typical process for an inspection of a single family dwelling is:

  1. Plumbing rough and gas – The form board survey will be provided at this stage. Roll-off dumpster, erosion control, and t-pole construction fence are required.
  2. Slab and foundation – Foundation must pass pre-pour inspections by the City and by the builder’s foundation engineer prior to pouring. Slab and foundation plans must be on site at time of inspection.
  3. Frame – This includes building, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical roughs.
  4. Temporary utility – Electric and gas meters released.
  5. Culvert and approach
  6. Reports required at final inspection to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy (C/O):
    • Septic Tank Approval from Collin County
    • Fire and Irrigation Backflow Reports (if system installed)
    • Foundation Letter stating the engineer has completed the pre-pour inspection
    • Grading for water flow on lot
    • Energy Report (Compliance Report for Certificate of Occupancy in compliance with N1105.4.2.2 (R405.4.2.2) of the IECC)
    • Termite Report
    • Water Meter Inspection

To schedule an inspection, please emailĀ [email protected] before 8:00 am for same day inspections.

Please use the below template for your email:

Subject line of the email
(Day of the week) Inspection

Body of email
Permit #:
Type of Inspection:
Contact Name & Phone:
Notes to Inspector:

Registration is good for one year from the date you register. It is your responsibility to make sure we have updated licenses and insurance. Click here for more information on contractor registration.

Yes, please contact Joe Hilbourn at (972) 912-1207 and allow 48 hours for scheduling.

You will need a permit for any building over 200 square feet.

No, inspections are conducted during business hours only.

The maximum height of grass in the City of Lucas city limits is 12 inches.

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