Mail In Medication Disposal

4 Step Mail In Medication Disposal

Lucas Fire-Rescue is now offering SUDS (single use disposal system) take-away envelopes as part of an initiative by University of Houston to help eliminate improper use of prescriptions drugs.

The SUDS envelopes can be found in a distribution box mounted to an exterior wall in the front foyer at Lucas Fire-Rescue. These take-away envelopes have a prepaid USPS label that is already addressed to the designated disposal facility.

Upon arrival at the disposal facility, the envelopes remain unopened and are incinerated following EPA and DEA guidelines. Incineration eliminates trace pharmaceuticals and chemicals in household trash and landfills that can lead to contamination of waterways and drinking water systems.

The single use disposal system is a hassle-free way to dispose of prescription drugs and limit the availability of high-risk prescription medications at home. Safe disposal is vital to the prevention of overdose deaths, accidental poisoning, diversion, and the “sharing” of medications.

Each take-away envelope also includes a survey card. Completing this short survey helps the University of Houston to collect much needed data that will allow UH to continue to provide SUDS at no cost.

This project is funded by Texas Health and Human Services Texas Targeted Opioid Response.

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