City of Lucas West Lucas Road Project – Angel Parkway to the Lucas Fire Station

Managing Agency

City of Lucas

The City of Lucas plans, designs, operates, and maintains City owned roadway and transportation systems. The City of Lucas maintains its roadway systems by investing in long-term improvements and finding solutions that meet the future and current traffic needs. The City works closely with regional partners to ensure the travel of our residents can be done safely and efficiently within the City limits.

Contact Information

Collin County Engineering                                  Clarence Daughterty        972-548-3728      [email protected]

TxDOT Collin County Area Office                     Jennifer Vorster, PE          972-542-2345      [email protected]

City of Lucas                                                              Joe Hilbourn                         972-912-1207      [email protected]

Background Information

The West Lucas Road construction project is an expansion project of the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane roadway. The City of Lucas began the West Lucas project as a result of anticipated traffic increase from neighboring areas in our region. The City estimated that approximately 70 percent of the vehicles traveling on West Lucas Road originate from outside the City of Lucas. The project has been a collaborative effort between the City, TxDOT, and Collin County in order to solve regional issues and mitigate traffic congestion in our area. Collin County and TxDOT have both committed funding contributions in order to improve traffic in the area. This project supplements the existing and ongoing work at the FM 1378 / FM 3286 intersection, along with areas east of the Lucas Fire Station.

Upon completion, the new roadway will have occasional dedicated turning lanes and allow for better flow of traffic on the roads it connects. The project area will include all of the roadway east of Angel Parkway to the Lucas Fire Station (intersection of Country Club Road). Planning for this project is still underway, with design alternative recently presented by BCC Engineering and approved by City Council. More updates will be provided on this page as the project moves forward.

Project Area

Project Updates

September 2023

  • Representatives from BCC Engineering presented the alternative design options to City Council. Presentation found here: Video
  • City Council approved an alternative design option which would flush the shoulder of the roadway with open drainage on both sides. The additional project cost estimate is $4,855,000.

June 2023

  • City Council approved a proposal by BCC Engineering, LLC, for the development of design alternatives for the drainage and realignment of the western end of West Lucas Road for an estimated amount of $44,150: Video

March 2022

  • Finalize agreement for utility relocation - sent to pertinent utility providers on 3/18/22
  • Collin County approves BCC to facilitate easement acquisitions.

February 2022

  • Neighborhood Meeting: Video
  • City staff reviews 90% plans and submits comments to BCC.

December 2021

  • 60% Plans sent to Keith Bjerke (Parks Lakes Estates HOA). .Not all sheets but those relevant to Parker Lakes Estates were presented.

July 2021

  • 30% plans delivered to the City

Spring 2021

  • Neighborhood Meeting: Video
  • Kick off meeting with BCC

January 2021

  • Sent notice regarding the results of the Statement of Qualification process
  • Letter sent to property owners regarding West Lucas Road project including Parker Lakes Estates HOA

Winter 2020

  • Collin County Commissioners Court approves Interlocal Agreement
  • City approves Interlocal Agreement on November 5, 2020, and sends to Collin County with Resolution: Video

July 2020

  • Discussion regarding preservation 120 feet of right-of-way and draft Interlocal Agreement

Spring 2020

  • Certificate of Local Funding sent to Collin County Engineering
  • West Lucas Road project on Collin County Commissioners Court Agenda

October 2019

  • The City passes Resolution R-2019-10-00490 supporting the application to the 2019 / 2020 Collin County call for city projects for West Lucas Road Thoroughfare Improvements by the City of Lucas: Meeting

Project Funding

  • State (TxDOT) Regional Toll Revenue: $7,600,000
  • Collin County Contribution: $8,365,180
  • City of Lucas Contribution: $6,712,670
  • Total Funding Sources: $22,677,85
  • Total Funding Costs: $22,677,850
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