Common Code Violations

Condemning of Substandard Structures

The City's Code Enforcement Officer has the authority to condemn and order demolition of substandard structures. The procedure is as follows:

  • Notification by a citizen of substandard structure.
  • Inspection by the City's Code Enforcement Officer.
  • If the building is found substandard, the owner will be notified and given a timeframe to repair or remove the structure.
  • If the issue is not corrected, Municipal Court processes would begin.

Junk and Debris

Collection of junk and debris is prohibited in the City limits, including, but not limited to;

  • trash
  • debris (including construction debris)
  • tires
  • appliances
  • junked vehicles and/or vehicle parts
  • furniture

High Grass and Weeds

Any property that has grass or weeds taller than 12 inches is in violation. After attempting to have the owner mow the property, the City may come and mow, resulting in a fee being assessed to the property owner for the mowing services.

Stagnant Water

Pools, flowerpots, buckets, birdbaths, or any other container should be dumped or refreshed to avoid stagnant water accumulation.


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