UTILITY BILLING EMAIL NOTIFICATION:  Approximately 1,878 emails were inadvertently sent to Lucas on-line bill pay customers notifying residents that their current bill was available to view or pay online.  THIS IS NOT A PFISHING SCAM OR FRAUDELENT EMAIL. Customers will receive paper bills within the next few days and nothing on the customer account payment setup has been changed.  We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  Should you have any questions, please call 972.727.8999.

Code Enforcement


Colton Monk
Code Enforcement

(972) 727-8999 ext. 3005

665 Country Club Road
Lucas, Texas 75002-7651

The Code Enforcement Department is staffed by one code compliance officer and supervised by the community development director. This department is responsible for maintaining and preserving the integrity of our city.

The City of Lucas wants to provide its citizens with a nice, clean environment to live in, and it is the job of our code enforcement officer to enforce the city’s ordinances.
The Code Enforcement Officer enforces the city code of ordinances in non-criminal matters such as:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • High grass
  • Trash and debris
  • Other public nuisances


The maximum height of grass in the City of Lucas city limits is 12 inches.

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