Q & A – Project Construction

Dated: October 1, 2020

Q: If the bond election passes. What is the timeline? Somehow you get the bond. Then solicit bids. Begin construction. Finish the project. Can we get a detailed timeline?

A: Please refer to pages 79-80 of the Broadband Feasibility Study for the estimated timeline of the construction and implementation of the proposed project. The study indicates the fiber buildout is planned in two construction phases (years 2022 and 2023) after network design (year 2021) is complete. The below table is the Proposed Timeline for City Buildout.

Proposed Timeline for City Buildout (Broa

(Reference: Broadband Feasibility Study)


Dated: September 8, 2020

Q: Does the City of Lucas already have facility space to utilize to house the broadband employees. If not, what is the anticipated cost of building or retrofitting space for this project?

A: The City would utilize and expand facility space at City Hall to provide offices for potential broadband employees, workspace, storage, and a data center.  The estimated cost of expanding facility space is $350,000 which is included under building improvements of the capital plan in the broadband feasibility study and financial model.  Below are the total estimated costs for building improvements in the financial model:

broadband building improvement costs

(Reference: Broadband Feasibility Study and Financial Model)


Dated: July 2, 2020

Q:   What is the cost per foot for constructing fiber underground and aerial?
A:    UG (not including design):  $20.77
         OH (not including design):  $10.00  (Reference: Courtney Violette and Scott Moehnke, Magellan Advisors)

Q:  How many months is the design/engineering period?
A:   8 months  (Reference: Courtney Violette and Scott Moehnke, Magellan Advisors)

Q:   How many months is the construction period?
A:    Planned at 24 months.  Maybe a bit less, but 24 months is safe.  (Reference: Courtney Violette and Scott Moehnke, Magellan Advisors)

Q:   Can service be available within 12 months after construction commences?
A:    Yes, we would plan for services to activate and first customers getting service within 12 months of construction start.  This may be able to be accelerated a bit, but 12 months is safe planning timeframe. (Reference: Courtney Violette and Scott Moehnke, Magellan Advisors)

Q:    How are building needs identified for a data center, workspace, and equipment storage?
A:    The minimum space for a data room needed would be approximately a 20×40 ft space with needed environmental systems (racks and cages; clean power; battery backup; fire suppression; A/C; security).  Storage space for data room is minimal about the size of a large closet. Office space is dependent on number of offices desired.  Usually data room has one office or desk for workspace when in the data center.  Additional offices are usually located close to data room.  Depending on number of offices and size, 1000 sq ft should be sufficient.  You can expect the cage and data center equipment space to be around 200 sq ft or less.  (Reference: Courtney Violette and Scott Moehnke, Magellan Advisors)

Q:    What are services that would need to be outsourced during construction?
A:    During the construction phase (year 1 and year 2), all construction would be outsourced to a qualified fiber underground construction contractor. Additional services include project management, construction management, oversight, and inspections, which Magellan could fulfill as part of its turnkey deployment services. During the first year of construction, the data center needs to be stood up and equipment installed and configured.  This is usually done by outside vendors.  (Reference: Courtney Violette and Scott Moehnke, Magellan Advisors)

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