May 4, 2019 General and Special Election Information:


General Elections:
On the ballot in the May 4, 2019 General Election is City Council Seat 5 and City Council Seat 6.  Each position is elected for a three-year term. Candidates running for each Seat include: 

City Council Seat 5Debbie Fisher
Phillip Sheppard
City Council Seat 6Kathleen Peele
(Running Unopposed)

Special Election:
On the ballot for the Special Election is the continuation of the Lucas Fire Control, Prevention and EMS District for a 10 year period, as well as the continuation of the one-half of one percent of sales tax collected that is dedicated to the Fire District for a 10 year period.

The Fire District was created in 2014 by the voters of Lucas in a Special Election. The Fire District was created to assist in funding equipment and personnel for the Fire-Rescue Department. The 2019 Special Election is an effort to continue to utilize a portion of the existing sales tax rate funding for Fire and EMS services for an additional 10 years.  How that works is the City collects 2% of the 8.25% sales tax collected on goods and services sold. One percent is allocated to the City’s General Fund, one-half of one percent is allocated towards street maintenance and the remaining one-half of one percent is earmarked to the Fire District that assists in funding the Fire-Rescue Department. The City is proposing that this sales tax allocation to assist in funding the Fire-Rescue Department be maintained for a 10 year period.


Early voting and Election Day voting will take place at the Lucas Community Center located at 665 Country Club Road at the following dates and times: 

Monday, April 22          8 am - 5 pm
Tuesday, April 23          8 am - 5 pm
Wednesday, April 24  8 am - 5 pm
Thursday, April 25        8 am - 7 pm
Friday, April 26               8 am - 5 pm
Saturday, April 27         8 am - 5 pm
Monday, April 29          7 am - 7 pm
Tuesday, April 30          7 am - 7 pm
Saturday, May 4            7 am - 7 pm (Election Day)


February 22     Last day for Candidate to withdraw application
April 4                  Last day to register to vote (postmarked).  Click here for voter registration application
April 23               Deadline for application by mail for a ballot (received, not postmarked)
April 22 - 30     Early voting (click here for locations/hours for Collin County voters)
May 4                   Election Day - 7 am to 7 pm (click here for Collin County voting locations)


To be eligible to apply for a place on the ballot in the upcoming election, a prospective candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Has been a resident of the City of Lucas for twelve continuous months
  • Qualified voter of the city
  • Has never been convicted of and is not currently charged with a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude
  • Is 18 years of age
  • Is not delinquent on any ad valorem tax due to the City of Lucas


Acceptable Forms of ID for Voting in Person:

  • Texas Drivers License issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by Department of Public Safety
  • Texas personal identification card issued by Department of Public Safety
  • Texas license to carry a handgun issued by Department of Public Safety
  • United States military identification card containing the person's photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person's photograph
  • United States Passport

Voters who do not possess and cannot reasonably obtain one of these forms of approved photo ID listed above have additional options at the polls.  You may visit the Collin County Elections website for further information.

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