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May 4, 2024
  • Lucas Community Center
    665 Country Club Road
    Lucas, Texas 75002
  • Collin County Elections Office 2010 Redbud Blvd., Suite 102 McKinney, Texas
Toshia Kimball
City Secretary
[email protected]
Important Election Dates 
  • Early Voting Begins - April 22, 2024 - April 27, 2024 (8 am - 5pm) and April 29 & April 30 (7am - 7pm)
  • Last Day to Register to Vote - April 4, 2024
  • Election Day May 4, 2024
  • Last Day to apply for a ballot by mail - April 23, 2024


General Election Candidates

  • Mayor
    • Kathleen A. Peele
    • Dusty Kuykendall
  • City Council Seat 3
    • Chris Bierman
    • Suhail Syed
  • City Council Seat 4
    • Philip (Phil) Lawrence
    • Joe Williams

Special Election Item and Candidates

  • Proposition A: Street Maintenance Sales Tax - The reauthorization of the one-half of one percent (.50%) local sales and use tax within the City of Lucas to continue providing revenue for maintenance and repair of municipal streets.
  • City Council Seat 2
    • Sean Watts
    • Brian Stubblefield
  • City Council Seat 6
    • Tim Baney
    • Neil Peterson


Councilmember Information:

Elected Councilmembers  Term Expires 
Jim Olk, Mayor 2024
Kathleen Peele, Mayor Pro Tem, Seat 6 2025
Tim Johnson, Councilmember Seat 1 2026
Dusty Kuykendall, Councilmember Seat 2 2026
David Keer, Councilmember Seat 3 2024
Phil Lawrence, Councilmember Seat 4 2024
Debbie Fisher, Councilmember Seat 5 2025

Candidate Eligibility Requirements

Candidate Eligibility Requirements Filing period for Candidate Application
All candidates of the Lucas City Council must meet the following requirements:
  • Has been a resident of the city for twelve continuous months prior to the date of appointment
  • Qualified voter of the city
  • Has never been convicted of and is not currently charged with a felony or a crime involving moral turpitude
  • Has obtained the age of 18 years prior to the date of appointment
  • Is not delinquent on any ad valorem tax due to the city

Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Friday, February 16, 2024


For Special Election:

Friday February 2, 2024
Monday March 4, 2024

Acceptable Forms of ID for Voting in Person:

  • Texas Drivers License issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by Department of Public Safety
  • Texas personal identification card issued by Department of Public Safety
  • Texas license to carry a handgun issued by Department of Public Safety
  • United States military identification card containing the person's photograph
  • United States citizenship certificate containing the person's photograph
  • United States Passport

Voters who do not possess and cannot reasonably obtain one of these forms of approved photo ID listed above have additional options at the polls. You may visit the Collin County Elections website for further information.

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