Emergency Management Tips & Education

Collin County - Local Emergency Planning Committee

Please visit or click on https://www.collincountytx.gov/fire_marshal/lepc/Pages/default.aspx  to see what the Collin County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is all about and for information that would help you and your family in an emergency.


Do you know what to do in severe weather when you’ve lost power? Or, local hazards like when the air smells strange and there is a potential gas leak? Mass violence? Epidemics/Pandemics? Make sure you are prepared and know what to do! You can visit https://knowhat2do.com and https://vimeo.com/knowhat2do for tons of education on ways to be prepared when tragedy strikes! Do not wait to educate yourself. Take action today to make  sure you KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Other Resources

Check out the links below to educate yourself more on being prepared in the case of an emergency.


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