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Fire Prevention

Outdoor Burning Regulations & Fire Prevention Tips

Our mission at Lucas Fire Rescue is “to serve the citizens and business community of Lucas by preserving life, property, and the environment through education, prevention, public service, and emergency response.”

We thank you for your understanding of these regulations that have been created to make our community safer and better for everyone and if you have any questions about these regulations or any other concerns of public safety, please don’t hesitate to call the fire station at 972-727-1242.

To review the City of Lucas Outdoor Burning Regulations & Fire Prevention Tips, please click the link below.

Outdoor Burning Regulations & Fire Prevention Tips

Smoke Alarm Assistance 

What We Can Do

Please know that Lucas Fire-Rescue does assist qualified citizens with smoke alarm issues. There is, however, a limit to the assistance we can provide. Please use the following information to determine if you meet the qualifications for assistance:

  • Lucas Fire-Rescue will assist with smoke alarms for persons who are elderly or disabled.
  • Free smoke alarms can be obtained through the American Red Cross - North Texas Region.
  • Batteries will be changed in smoke alarms that are located no higher than 10 feet from the floor on walls or ceilings. If the smoke alarm cannot be reached with a six-foot ladder, Lucas Fire-Rescue is not able to provide assistance.
  • A limit of three smoke alarm batteries will be changed in each home.
  • If your smoke alarms are hard-wired - meaning they pull power from your home's electrical system using wires that are connected to the wall or ceiling - Lucas Fire-Rescue can only change the batteries in these alarms. We cannot do any sort of wiring work or installation of new alarms using your home's wiring.

If you need assistance but do not meet these qualifications we ask that you refer to a qualified electrician or handyman to assist you with your smoke alarm needs.

Firewise Community

In January 2013 the City of Lucas became the 55th Firewise Community in the State of Texas.

The Firewise Communities USA program educates citizens on steps they can take to harden their homes and to create a defensible space that could help save their property in the event of an Urban Wildland Fire. To maintain Firewise Community status, we must invest at least $2.00 per capita in Firewise projects per year. Please fill out and submit the Firewise form below by the end of September each year. The information you provide will be used by Lucas Fire Rescue only to determine the amount of hours and costs that residents have contributed to the Firewise projects.

Learn how you can implement Firewise principles on your property, such as home hardening and landscaping techniques, by visiting

  • Example: Trimming trees and bushes away from house and hauling debris from property - 2 hours.
  • Please enter cost and description of Firewise project that was performed. Example: We purchased gutter screens and installed them to keep leaves, branches, and other debris out of our gutters at a cost of $45.00. We spent 5 hours on this project.
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