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23% of child drownings happen during a family gathering near a pool

Don't let this senseless tragedy happen to you! Whenever you have children near or in a pool, appoint a water watcher. This adult will be responsible for actively watching the water during their appointed shifts. To avoid fatigue and boredom, it is recommended to switch water watchers every 15 minutes.

To designate the Water Watcher, Lucas Fire-Rescue has created Water Watcher lanyard. The lanyard, with a 3X5 laminated card containing the Water Watcher pledge, is to be worn around the neck when actively watching the water. When wearing the lanyard, the wearer commits to the following Water Watcher pledge:

As a Water Watcher I will:

  • Maintain constant visual contact with all the swimmers who are in or near the water
  • Remain by the water until I am relieved by another designated Water Watcher
  • I will enforce the pool rules and stop any dangerous activity
  • I will have access to a phone and have it readily available in case of emergency
  • While on duty, I will NOT look at my phone, socialize, read a book, consume alcoholic beverages or engage in any activity that distracts me from watching swimmers
  • During an emergency, I will call 911 or have another responsible person call for help; use the safety equipment as needed to help swimmers to the side of the pool; ensure all other swimmers exit the pool until the emergency is over and provide first aid and CPR to the best of my ability if certified to do so.

To pick up your Water Watcher Lanyard, come by the Lucas Fire Station at 165 Country Club.

To learn more about water safety, consider attending one of our FREE Water Safe classes. Click to learn more and to register for a Water Safe class:


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