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Firewise Community

In January 2013 the City of Lucas became the 55th Firewise Community in the State of Texas.

The Firewise Communities USA program educates citizens on steps they can take to harden their homes and to create a defensible space that could help save their property in the event of an Urban Wildland Fire. Learn how you can implement Firewise principles on your property, such as home hardening and landscaping techniques, by attending a Firewise workshop and/or Firewise Landscape seminar.

To maintain Firewise Community status, we must invest at least $2.00 per capita in Firewise projects per year. Please fill out the Firewise form and submit to the Lucas Fire Rescue by the end of September of each year. The information you provide will be used by Lucas Fire Rescue only to determine the amount of hours and costs that residents have contributed to the Firewise projects.

READY – Now is the time to prepare your Wildfire Action Plan. Create a Family Emergency Disaster Plan that includes a meeting place and a communications plan. Include children and elderly family members in your planning. If you have pets and/or livestock, create an Emergency Disaster kit and evacuation plan for them, as well.

SET – Do not become a victim of a wildfire. Have your plans in place so when the evacuation order is given, you are ready at a moment’s notice. Stay aware of the wildfire risk for Lucas; monitor the radio/TV, weather radio and social media for updates on changing conditions.

GO! – Go early! Remember, nothing you own is worth your or your family members’ lives. For more information click here.

Report Your Firewise Home Hardening and Landscaping Projects to Lucas Fire-Rescue

Insurance Service Office (ISO)

Home Owners Insurance and your ISO can save you money.

The Insurance Service Office (ISO) of Texas issues every community an ISO rating classification. The City of Lucas has an ISO rating of #2, which was issued in 2018. Lucas' ISO rating will be reevaluated in approximately 2023.

This rating is determined by evaluating the City’s fire service, the fire services communications (dispatch), and the water system. When you purchase a home, or change insurance companies, the insurance company may ask what the ISO rating is for the city your home or business is located in or what the ISO rating is for your local fire department. In many communities, ISO develops a split classification (for example #1-#10). Generally, the class #1 (in the example) applies to properties within a defined distance of the fire station and within 1000 feet of a hydrant. ISO generally assigns Class #10 to properties beyond the defined distance.

For more information on Texas classifications, go to the Texas Department of Insurance website .

Be sure to check with your insurance agent and make sure they have your ISO rating at a #2. Also, ask your agent if they give discounts for Firewise Communities. City of Lucas became the 55th Firewise community in the State of Texas in January 2013.

Texas Department of Insurance

Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP)

Lucas Fire-Rescue has partnered with Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP is a database that enables Lucas Fire Rescue to register residents with special needs so we can better plan and respond to disasters.

Who is considered a special needs resident? – Anyone who has a special condition that might require assistance in the event of an emergency or disaster is considered a special needs resident.

What data is collected? – The information collected includes the name, gender, age, weight, address, primary language, and specific special need of the registrant. Examples of other information can be provided including the use of aids such as a walker or cane, crutches, a wheel chair, a guide dog, oxygen, or a life support system. The Tarrant County Office of Emergency Management maintains this database. Registrants’ data is kept confidential and can only be accessed by authorized personnel of Lucas Fire Rescue.

Registering for SNAP – To register for SNAP, visit, or if you do not have internet access you can have a family member, friend, or a caretaker register for you.

Register for Snap

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

After a disaster, citizens may be on their own for up to 72 hours until the first responders reach them. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program teaches citizens the skills they need to help themselves, family members, and neighbors until help arrives. Additional non-disaster training and opportunities are available after completing the CERT training program.

Some specially trained CERT members are skilled medical services personnel and serve on the Fire Rehabilitation Team. This team receives very specialized training so they can respond to structure fires and extended incidents. They also staff a rehab unit to help firefighters who are in need of rest and hydration. On occasions, they have responded to assist the City’s public works crew during extreme weather conditions.

CERT members also assist with community events, disaster drills, amateur radio communications, and disaster response to other communities.

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