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Staff Directory

Ted Stephens Fire Chief Fire-Rescue (972) 912-1234 Email
Lance Gant Assistant Fire Chief / Emergency Management Coordinator Fire-Rescue 9729121230 Email
Devanie Stevens Administrative Assistant Fire-Rescue 9727271242 Email
Aaron Alderdice EMS Officer Fire-Rescue (972) 727-1242 Email
Ethan Carver Captain, A-Shift Fire-Rescue (972) 912-1235 Email
Jonathan Haynes Captain, B-Shift /Fire Prevention Specialist Fire-Rescue (972) 912-1235 Email
John Ricker Captain, C-Shift Fire-Rescue (972) 912-1235 Email
Jason Bender Firefighter/Paramedic Fire-Rescue (972) 727-1242 Email
Michael Dunnam Firefighter/Paramedic Fire-Rescue (972) 727-1242 Email
Ian Evans Firefighter/Paramedic Fire-Rescue (972) 727-1242 Email
Seth Decker Firefighter/Paramedic Fire-Rescue 972-727-1242 Email
Sean Peterson Firefighter/Paramedic Fire-Rescue 972-727-1242 Email
Nathan Poindexter Firefighter/Paramedic Fire-Rescue 972-727-1242 Email
Anthony Aguinaga Firefighter/EMT Fire-Rescue Email
Thomasz Wood FF/Paramedic Fire-Rescue Email
Chad Snider FF/Paramedic Fire-Rescue Email
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